Examination Schedule 2014

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We are East Zone Champions again!

' Have you heard of the DINGOs?"


They are the East Zone Rugby Champions for the Senior and Junior Division!


Congratulations to all Rugby players! You have done us PROUD!


Thank you to the staff - Mr Mark Low, Mr Hakim, Ms Haida and Mr Leong & parents for their unwavering support. 


Thank you to Coach Aiden.


Thank you to the staff and supporters who helped run the East Zone Tournament. 



Players listening attentively to coach.


in action

Players in action



Champion photo with staff, coach and parents! 

2013 Examination Schedule

Dear parents and pupils,


The 2013 examination schedule has been given to all pupils on 4 Feb. 

If you have misplaced the schedule, you can download it here. 


2013 Examination schedule.


For all our pupils, remember "Doing your best is more important than being the best." 


All staff of Damai Pri